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About the Show

About the Show Know more about the event


Private Label Products Show (PLPS) is India’s only international exhibition for private label products, own brand FMCG retail and contract manufacturing. New products and national & international suppliers will soon catch up on India’s fast-growing & promising retail market. As per published reports, the Indian market offers major opportunities in the private label/own brand sector. The market is growing exponentially as middle class consumers are price conscious & are hunting for new products which offer better value for money. The time is apt to develop Private Label Sales in India. PLPS 2017 will bring together leading contract manufacturers & suppliers with India’s retail sector owners and buyers, serving the world’s second largest market. PLPS 2017 will provide a platform for exciting new sales for suppliers from all across India & around the world.

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In a scenario where economic stability in a country remains a big question, private labels plays a crucial role to maintain a balance in terms of quality and value of goods & products. In European countries, private labels have a value share of 36.7% and 47.1% of unit sales. Recent trends reflect a continuous growth in the private label market. For most retailers, 20-30 per cent of overall sales come from private brands. Consumer durables, staples and home care segments are driving the private label segment. However, in India, up-to-date styles, top-notch quality and accessible prices, all work for private brands. Marketers and retailers also feel that the pricing, which is lower than national brands, is a big advantage for private label goods. Besides these driving factors, acceptance among consumers and rising inflation has boosted the appeal of private labels. Enthusiasm, high demand & opportunities are the key forces driving the private label market in India.

The driving force for the Private label market in India is better margins and increasing consumer acceptance. Private labels are grabbing more & more market share in India.As per reports “The margins for private labels in case of apparel sales is the highest at 40%-60%, followed by the food& beverage segment growing at compounded annual growth rate of 30 percent for the next five years owing to improved quality of products at low price point & range between 10%-15% in case of FMCG products. The consumption of private labels has helped Indian consumers bring down their monthly consumption bill by 8%-10% depending upon the product category”.

According to a recent report on ‘India Food & Beverages Private Label Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2017’, the market for private labels in food & beverages will expand enormously in the coming years. Almost all the retailers in India have a private label product within each segment in the retail store. The market is further forecasted to expand as the retailers increase their focus on the quality of the product. Bakery products are also expected to perform well in the coming years.

The trend of private labelling is fast catching up among the Indian retailers such as Shoppers Stop, Future Group, Tata’s Croma and Aditya Birla Retail’s More as consumers seek quality products at affordable prices. They have not only created new labels but have customized and localized those products to suit Indian tastes. In a recent study, it was said that the market share of private label products in India will more than double in the next few years; currently, it is at 4.5 per cent. By 2020, the share will increase to over 10 per cent.

Everyone is on a lookout to develop their ‘own brand’. Own-brand product development is now bigbusiness in India, offering good ROI for both retailers & their suppliers, and of course better value for money for the consumers. Private labels are not only popularly restricted to food, fashion and retail, but they’ve also created a huge space in the hospitality industry especially in hotels which use private label products such as match boxes, tea/coffee sachets, paper napkins, toiletries, stationery etc. branded with their name and also in airlines which use products endorsed with their branding. Private label products provide better margins & increased product differentiation. But to have your own brand you need to be sure of your supplier & PLPS provides this opportunity to find the right supplier. PLPS 2016 provides an opportunity to bring India’s serious buyers & leading international suppliers in all categories under a common platform & promote business.